Insight from Team Hally Supporter Lilly – While on a Mission Trip in Uganda

By Mission Trip

I was packing my day bag to visit an organization in a small church located in Kampala, Uganda. It was Sunday, and we had just returned from our morning church service which was a dance party with amazing worship music and a phenomenal sermon. I took my Hally Bible out of my bag and placed it on my bed. I thought to myself, I won’t need this any more today, and it will only be extra weight to carry around. But, as soon as I removed it, I felt as if I needed to put it back in my bag. I did return it to my bag, but had no idea why I needed to do that.

We walked through a slum to reach an extremely small room where women often to worship God and fellowship. Each woman went out of her way to shake my hand, give me a hug, and make me feel very welcome. My missions team was sitting on the small “stage” and one by one, we stood up to introduce ourselves and give a small testimony. Our testimonies were followed by more dancing and worship.

After that was over, I felt God telling me I needed to ask Ken, my family’s dear friend who is native to Uganda, if any of the women could read English. Ken found someone and I heard God telling me to get out my Hally Bible and give it to her. So, that is what I did.

Ken showed the Bible to her, read Hally’s story out loud in their language, and then told the woman that the Bible was for her. Immediately, the sweet woman yelled with joy and literally passed out from excitement. All of her friends danced and celebrated with her. She was so incredibly thankful. She hugged me many times and told me over and over how much it meant to her.

Ken later told me that her Bible would be one of very few in the entire village, and that the woman would read it and translate it to everyone else.

In that moment, I understood exactly why Hally had the mission to raise money for Bibles. It made me so happy to have the privilege to do what Hally worked so hard to do.