Why We Make Time to Get Dirty

By October 1, 2019May 5th, 2022Dirty Dash

by Team Hally Supporter Stacy Graber

The Dirty Dash is a blast! It’s a time to come together for a good cause, run with a team or friends, hear about God’s love, and have a sense of encouragement along the course — whether you are first, last or volunteering.

The Dirty Dash is a fun obstacle course/mud run. There are families who participate together, as well as co-workers and groups of friends. The K-State Women’s Basketball team comes to run and help with many of the obstacles. The day is divided into an adult run and a kids’ run. The kids’ run is for kids less than 13 years old, and features a shorter path.

The adult run is about a 2.5 mile route. It features many obstacles such as Autumn’s web, a plank walk, a creek you jump across, a smoky hill, a pond swim and Trent’s tiring tires – a tire obstacle course.

Some of the obstacles in the kids’ run are climbing hay bales, crawling through small spaces, and doing a mud crawl.  The main obstacle is the mudslide; it’s a crowd favorite. Participants slide down the tall, wet slide and splash-land into a huge pit of mud. It’s a very slushy and very soupy mud.

“We really like that we get to spray the adults with the chalk paint, but we get dirtier than the adults,” says Makenna (one of Stacy’s daughters).

“I like doing the mud crawl, mud slide and everything mud-related,” Lydia (another of Stacy’s daughters) replied when asked what she liked.

Naomi also mentioned that she likes that the event isn’t super competitive and overall it’s a very fun run!

We are so thankful to be part of the Dirty Dash and love to fit it in our schedule each year. On top of having fun, we appreciate the purpose of Team Hally and how the Dirty Dash reaches that purpose to share God’s Word, love God’s people, and encourage God’s people. What better way to do that than listen to Parker Yust share about pressing on toward the prize and being together in a race, while cheering each other on.

Team Hally has made the Dirty Dash free to participate, but we encourage you to raise donations for this cause as well. Every $150 buys a case of bibles. These bibles are used to distribute to kids at Vacation Bible Schools in the summer and are given to those that may not have one. This year Team Hally raised more than $30,000 through individual and team fundraisers.

My son Preston ran the race with a friend, and he says, “It’s fun to have a friend to run by your side so that you can encourage one another when you get tired.”

Be sure to save the date for next year! Grab a friend and come join in the experience! Be blessed!