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Oh this Bible! What a gift. It is a gift, a treasure and an answer to prayer. My 7 yr old daughter, Hannah, received a Bible with the 2nd graders at Northview. Hannah has accepted Jesus and been baptized, but up to now, I haven’t really fostered a Bible-reading routine with her outside of a devotional book. She knows I read and study mine daily and loves that, so now we are doing it together. We received a challenge to read the book of Mark together, so that is what we are doing. Every day, whether first thing or right before bed, Hannah (and usually our boys too who are 3 and 5), my husband and I snuggle up together and read about Jesus. We are answering so so many questions and spending precious time together. God is using her Bible to get our whole family in the word…together. Every day. She is disciplined and rarely misses a day of reading. It is hard, it has so many new words in it, but she is learning it and LOVING it. Thank you for this precious gift and for the confidence it is bringing to our little Jesus-lovers.

– Cavalcanti Family