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Prayer Requests for October

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  • Praising God for His Word!
  • Praising God for His provision in money raised from the Dirty Dash for bibles and for all the volunteers
  • Pray for K-State Coach Carr, and for players Jada Thorpe and Peyton Williams
  • Pray for Parker Yust, who along with a friend is going to Tanzania in November to TCRC to take Bibles to the orphanage
  • Pray for Bibles going to the homeless in Indiana

Team Hally Partners with Street Crusaders

By Bible, volunteer
By Team Hally Supporter and Hally’s Aunt, Stephanie Barrett
July of 2019 was exciting for the Indianapolis Team Hally Family. Allow me to set the context:

We all know God works everything together for His good and His glory. This story is just one of many examples of how he orchestrates so many details, and the importance of trusting His upper story. About four years ago, Team Hally began partnering with Brookside Church in the inner city of Indianapolis, providing Bibles for their entire congregation. At that time, Howard Bellamy served as pastor at Brookside and had the opportunity to preach from the pulpit with the Following Jesus Bible in his hand!  I never got to meet Howard in that brief period, but he remembered that Bible. Shortly after Team Hally established the partnership, Howard left Brookside to become Sr. Pastor at The Caring Place Church in Indianapolis while continuing his role as Transportation Manager at Heritage Christian School.

Fast forward to 2019 – I took a job at Heritage Christian School as HR Manager, and my office sits directly across from… you guessed it… the Transportation Office. So, through general conversation and relationship building, I mentioned to Howard that I was involved with a non-profit organization that gives bibles and would his church need some? He asked for more information, and it was in that conversation that he shared with me about his time at Brookside and how he had preached out of THAT VERY BIBLE! He knew Hally’s story and vividly remembered reading about her.

In July 2019, we gave our very first box of Bibles to The Caring Place Church for their group, Street Crusaders. Street Crusaders goes out on foot two to three times per month witnessing, caring for, and now GIVING BIBLES to the homeless on the streets of Indianapolis. Since July, Street Crusaders has given more than 250 Bibles (both English and Spanish translations) to Indianapolis residents!

We are thrilled with this partnership, and continue to pray for changed lives in Central Indiana!

Pictured are supplies used by the Street Crusaders as outreach to the homeless population in Indianapolis.

Team Hally Provides Bibles to Children’s Mercy Hospital

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Hello Jenny and Yust Family,

We remain so grateful for your family’s kind generosity.

Families are very appreciative when they ask for a Bible and their eyes light up when they are told it is theirs to keep. Earlier this week, a Spanish-speaking father asked me if we had any books in Spanish and when I showed him the books in the library, his choice was a Spanish Bible. I can’t fully describe the look on his face as he sat down on the couch – it was like he was relieved to see an old friend who would offer him great comfort.

Today one of the chaplains came to the chapel to get a Bible to give as a gift to a family who was being discharged after a long stay. I enjoy reflecting how Hally and your family’s gestures of love continue to cascade on many.

Many blessings to you all in this season of autumn!

Take care,
Lisa Blevins – Children’s Mercy Hospital (pictured above – far right, along with Parker and Jenny Yust)

Reflections on Dirty Dash

By Dirty Dash, K-State Basketball
By Team Hally Supporter and K-State Women’s Basketball Player, Ashley Ray

This is Ashley Ray from the Kansas State Women’s basketball team.

My team and I are thrilled to reflect on our experience with the 2019 Team Hally Dirty Dash. Every year the team, coaches, and I are invited to an amazing event hosted by the Yust family. This remarkable family created this event to honor their daughter, Hally.

The Yust family always shares stories with us on how interested in basketball Hally was, and that her dream was to play for the Kansas State Women’s basketball team. Hally and her family are a very strong family of faith and have always devoted their lives to giving back. Hally also loved sharing Christ with those in need through serving at Center of Grace in Olathe, Kansas, raising money to give Bibles in Haiti, running in marathons, and giving money to any charity that she could. We are so inspired by Hally’s story and how much she accomplished at such a young age.

This event is not only one of the many highlights of our schedule, it is one of the most enjoyable, interactive venues we are fortunate enought to visit every year. The Dirty Dash is exactly what it sounds like: the Yust family mows down a 2.5-mile course filled with various jumps, mud crawls, a mud slide, and especially a small pond contestants must cross to get to the next obstacle in the course.

Volunteering at this event is so rewarding to not only give back, but to see our head coach run in the race. After crossing the finish line, Coach Mittie is caked in mud and splattered with paint. While we all stand and laugh at the free entertainment, he chases after us to try to give us all a really big, muddy hug.

Being a junior at K-State and having experienced the Dirty Dash event for three years, the crowd of people who show up to participate never fails to amaze me. So much joy and hard work goes into this event and it truly shows with the people that are on hand to support it every year.

My teammates and I have really enjoyed getting to know Hally’s family and friends through the years and have created eternal friendships with everyone involved.

As of 2019, the Yust family has officially adopted the Kansas State Women’s basketball team. I would like to say that having your life impacted in such a positive way by a little girl that you never met, is a powerful thing. The Yust family will forever be a part of the K-State family and Hally will always be protected by the Cats. #GoCats

Do You Know About Amazon Smile?

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AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization (like Team Hally) every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization (like Team Hally).

On your first visit to AmazonSmile (, you are prompted to select a charitable organization from the list of eligible organizations. Please choose Team Hally.

Why We Make Time to Get Dirty

By Dirty Dash

by Team Hally Supporter Stacy Graber

The Dirty Dash is a blast! It’s a time to come together for a good cause, run with a team or friends, hear about God’s love, and have a sense of encouragement along the course — whether you are first, last or volunteering.

The Dirty Dash is a fun obstacle course/mud run. There are families who participate together, as well as co-workers and groups of friends. The K-State Women’s Basketball team comes to run and help with many of the obstacles. The day is divided into an adult run and a kids’ run. The kids’ run is for kids less than 13 years old, and features a shorter path.

The adult run is about a 2.5 mile route. It features many obstacles such as Autumn’s web, a plank walk, a creek you jump across, a smoky hill, a pond swim and Trent’s tiring tires – a tire obstacle course.

Some of the obstacles in the kids’ run are climbing hay bales, crawling through small spaces, and doing a mud crawl.  The main obstacle is the mudslide; it’s a crowd favorite. Participants slide down the tall, wet slide and splash-land into a huge pit of mud. It’s a very slushy and very soupy mud.

“We really like that we get to spray the adults with the chalk paint, but we get dirtier than the adults,” says Makenna (one of Stacy’s daughters).

“I like doing the mud crawl, mud slide and everything mud-related,” Lydia (another of Stacy’s daughters) replied when asked what she liked.

Naomi also mentioned that she likes that the event isn’t super competitive and overall it’s a very fun run!

We are so thankful to be part of the Dirty Dash and love to fit it in our schedule each year. On top of having fun, we appreciate the purpose of Team Hally and how the Dirty Dash reaches that purpose to share God’s Word, love God’s people, and encourage God’s people. What better way to do that than listen to Parker Yust share about pressing on toward the prize and being together in a race, while cheering each other on.

Team Hally has made the Dirty Dash free to participate, but we encourage you to raise donations for this cause as well. Every $150 buys a case of bibles. These bibles are used to distribute to kids at Vacation Bible Schools in the summer and are given to those that may not have one. This year Team Hally raised more than $30,000 through individual and team fundraisers.

My son Preston ran the race with a friend, and he says, “It’s fun to have a friend to run by your side so that you can encourage one another when you get tired.”

Be sure to save the date for next year! Grab a friend and come join in the experience! Be blessed!

October 2019 Newsletter

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Newsletter Topics:

  • Dirty Dash Funds Exceed $30,000
  • Why We Make Time to Get Dirty
  • Do You Know About Amazon Smile?
  • Reflections on Dirty Dash
  • Team Hally Provides Bibles to Children’s Mercy Hospital
  • Team Hally Partners with Street Crusaders
  • Prayer Requests for October
  • K-State Women’s Basketball Game

Team Hally Dirty Dash 2019

By Dirty Dash

Dirty Dash Funds Exceed $30,000

Many Thanks to Our Supporters! More than 400 people came out to get dirty and cheer on the runners/walkers at the September 21 Dirty Dash for Team Hally. Teams and individuals raised more than $30,000 to continue to fund Team Hally’s mission to distribute bibles. As you may imagine, we needed a lot of volunteers (thank you!) to make the day a success!

Special thanks to our Dirty Dash team captains and also to the K-State Women’s Basketball team for making the trek from Manhattan. Click to enjoy a video about the team’s involvement.

Please click for hundreds of photos from the Dirty Dash.

Plans are underway for Dirty Dash 2020. Watch for the date and details!

Insight from Team Hally Supporter Lilly – While on a Mission Trip in Uganda

By Mission Trip

I was packing my day bag to visit an organization in a small church located in Kampala, Uganda. It was Sunday, and we had just returned from our morning church service which was a dance party with amazing worship music and a phenomenal sermon. I took my Hally Bible out of my bag and placed it on my bed. I thought to myself, I won’t need this any more today, and it will only be extra weight to carry around. But, as soon as I removed it, I felt as if I needed to put it back in my bag. I did return it to my bag, but had no idea why I needed to do that.

We walked through a slum to reach an extremely small room where women often to worship God and fellowship. Each woman went out of her way to shake my hand, give me a hug, and make me feel very welcome. My missions team was sitting on the small “stage” and one by one, we stood up to introduce ourselves and give a small testimony. Our testimonies were followed by more dancing and worship.

After that was over, I felt God telling me I needed to ask Ken, my family’s dear friend who is native to Uganda, if any of the women could read English. Ken found someone and I heard God telling me to get out my Hally Bible and give it to her. So, that is what I did.

Ken showed the Bible to her, read Hally’s story out loud in their language, and then told the woman that the Bible was for her. Immediately, the sweet woman yelled with joy and literally passed out from excitement. All of her friends danced and celebrated with her. She was so incredibly thankful. She hugged me many times and told me over and over how much it meant to her.

Ken later told me that her Bible would be one of very few in the entire village, and that the woman would read it and translate it to everyone else.

In that moment, I understood exactly why Hally had the mission to raise money for Bibles. It made me so happy to have the privilege to do what Hally worked so hard to do.

Partnership with Kansas City Hospice Kicks Off

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Team Hally recently partnered with Kansas City Hospice to provide chaplains with Team Hally Bibles for patients and families on their service. The Bibles will also be used at Kansas City Hospice-sponsored camps around the Kansas City area.

Below is a photo of the chaplain team receiving the Bibles. Ralph Testerman, Lead Chaplain with Kansas City Hospice said, “Thank you again for the wonderful gift of the Bibles.They will be a great resource for those in need. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough to express our gratitude. May the Lord continue to bless you in all you do.”