When God designed Hally, He chose a dynamic, passionate, determined personality who would live each day to its fullest. Whether Hally “Bug” was getting tickled on the floor by Daddy, practicing her 1000 shots to get ready for making the KSU women’s basketball team, waterskiing with the Kansas Jr. Water Ski Team, fishing with her big brother, playing spies with her friends, practicing her verses for AWANA, training her puppy, or just playing with her sisters, Hally was ALL IN! She filled our home and lives with laughter, love, and life.

Mom & Dad

When we say Hally was all in we mean she did everything to the fullest. Even simple stuff like going to her room she had to do it at high speed. She would go so fast that she would slam into walls almost knocking the pictures off of them. Thus we jokingly called her the human pinball.


Hally and I had so much fun together all the time! We loved to play together, laugh together, and sometimes fight together, but through it all we had each other to learn and grow up together. I remember that Hally loved to jump on her trampoline and she would con me into jumping on it with her. We would make up new games to play that she would most always win at. She beat me at most everything that had to do with sports from running to playing pig in basketball. Hally was a free spirit who loved to run and when she jumped she soared! She was deeply rooted in the Lord, and is forever my best friend.