God knew that 2014 would be 9 year old Hally Nicole Yust’s last year on earth. In His sovereignty and wisdom, God ordained all of her days.

Hally had a passion for the Lord ever since she was little. She always begged to go to VBS, desired to be baptized at age 7, passionately memorized her AWANA verses, wrote songs of praise in private to the Lord, and kept a journal of prayers to the Lord.

The Yust family did all their normal activities the summer of 2014: helping on the family farm, water ski practice, competitions, camps, swimming in the family pool, playdates with friends, and of course the family favorite, a trip to the Bahamas. The weekend of July 4th started out with fireworks and a trip to the lake with grandparents and cousins.

Monday morning July 7th Hally woke up sick. By Tuesday morning, Hally’s bewildered parents rushed her to the emergency room and by that night Hally Nicole Yust was brain dead. Everyone, including the doctors, couldn’t understand what had gone so terribly wrong so quickly. The next day an infectious disease doctor discovered that Hally’s brain had been attacked by an amoeba found in lakes and ponds all over the US. The amoeba causes an infection called PAM which is 98% fatal.

No one will ever understand or know why Hally Yust was taken from earth at such a young age, but all who love her have one prayer: that her story may lead others to trust in Jesus Christ, as Savior.

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