Team Hally Bible Study in 2021

Please note your favorite or key verse each day – chime in on Facebook!

Join Team Hally in 2021 in reading through the entire bible!

That’s right. We’re reading the bible on an app this year – the whole bible!

Get inspired! It will take just about 15 minutes a day! You can read OR listen! If you get behind, don’t stress: just jump back in! God promises he will meet you in his word!

Are you ready to get inspired along with us? Here’s the app:

The JTTB web app will work on Android, iPhone, iPad, and even on Windows or macOS in a web browser. The JTTB web app will present you with links to the chapters to read each day.

If you get behind (or want to read ahead), you can select a day from the calendar to go to that day’s readings. Please note that the app will not track your progress. If you forget to read for a day, you will need to just go back and select that day again.