Hally’s Favorite Things

Basketball was probably born into Hally as she was born during the NCAA tournament and attended her brother’s basketball game with her dad as the coach when she was less than a week old. By the time she was five, Hally was dribbling on the sidelines and passing the ball with her friend during her brother’s practices. She asked each fall when basketball season began, “When will Daddy be my coach?” Finally in third grade her dream came true and not only did Daddy become her coach but her good friend was able to be on her team too! She officially became part of Team Wolfpack.

In January of 2014 Hally had the opportunity to go to a Harlem Globetrotters game, got her basketball signed, and began dreaming of playing at KSU, being on an Olympic team, and maybe someday even coaching. In May of 2014 Hally made a chart for herself with a goal of making 1,000 baskets. She would practice in her driveway every day, rain or shine, night or day. Her dad and brother had even made her an official half-court basketball court in the barn at the family farm so she could practice there.

Waterskiing for Hally was all about the three F’s (Family, Friends, and Fun). The Yust Family loved so many watersports including three-event water skiing, triple tricking with her brother and sister, extreme tubing at the local lake, swimming, spear fishing, and snorkeling.

From the time she was two years old Hally loved going to Junior water ski camp with her siblings and participating in Fear Factor, the annual Shaving Cream War, fishing, and frogging. At waterski tournaments she loved traveling and staying in an RV with her family, selling lemonade to make money for her ski coach who had Leukemia, getting Nate Smith autographs to sell for her coach, and swimming for hours and hours with her friends. In the summer of 2014 Hally was ranked first in the MidWest for 3-Event Water Skiing.

Hally began her life on earth in God’s house as mom’s water broke on Sunday, March 13, 2005 at Olathe Christian Church! Early the next morning a beautiful, blond-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned baby girl joined her big brother and sister in the Yust family.

From Day 1 Hally surprised her family and continued to do so for the next nine years. When Hally was little she would beg her mom to read the story of the guy with the long hair who was really strong (Samson). Then, when she was only five, her older sister got baptized and thus Hally began her determined journey to show her genuine faith in Christ through public confession and baptism which she officially did on February 26, 2013 when she was almost eight years old.

Hally loved going to the local Vacation Bible School and made it her constant goal to finish her AWANA book before everyone else in her AWANA club. Hally also loved shining Christ to the poor and needy through serving at Center of Grace in Olathe, Kansas, raising money to give Bibles in Haiti, running in the Kids’ Marathon for Team ZAT, and giving money to any charity she could. In private Hally wrote many praise songs to God and spent each night reading her Bible in bed with her big sister.

When God designed Hally, He chose a dynamic, passionate, determined personality who would live each day to its fullest. Whether Hally “Bug” was getting tickled on the floor by Daddy, practicing her 1000 shots to get ready for making the KSU women’s basketball team, waterskiing with the Kansas Jr. Water Ski Team, fishing with her big brother, playing spies with her friends, practicing her verses for AWANA, training her puppy, or just playing with her sisters, Hally was ALL IN! She filled our home and lives with laughter, love, and life.

Mom & Dad

Hally and I had so much fun together all the time! We loved to play together, laugh together, and sometimes fight together, but through it all we had each other to learn and grow up together. I remember that Hally loved to jump on her trampoline and she would con me into jumping on it with her. We would make up new games to play that she would most always win at. She beat me at most everything that had to do with sports from running to playing pig in basketball. Hally was a free spirit who loved to run and when she jumped she soared! She was deeply rooted in the Lord, and is forever my best friend.


When we say Hally was all in we mean she did everything to the fullest. Even simple stuff like going to her room she had to do it at high speed. She would go so fast that she would slam into walls almost knocking the pictures off of them. Thus we jokingly called her the human pinball.


Hally’s Favorite Song